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Lighting Control Solutions in New York from Elyon Systems

Elyon Systems provides commercial locations, businesses and homes with full-featured, automated Lighting Control Systems in NYC, New Jersey & Connecticut.

Our Controlled Lighting Systems places the convenience, security and energy savings of comprehensive lighting control at your fingertips. Prior to it becoming a household commodity, intelligent or automated lighting control was employed in theaters, concert halls and nightclubs, where powerful and versatile lighting was required. Today, automated lighting is utilized wherever there is a need for powerful lighting, mood lighting and energy saving capabilities, from offices, schools and homes.

The benefits of a remote automated Lighting Control System from Elyon Systems includes:

A Controlled Lighting System from Elyon Systems provides you with the technology to help your home or business operate more efficiently and conveniently by seamlessly replacing several lighting products while giving you complete control of their operation and consuming less energy.

Call Elyon Systems at 888-886-4999 or visit our Contact page to learn how you can simplify your life with whole-house control of your lights, shades, theater screens, fireplaces, fans and more.