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Custom Home Theater Systems in New York from Elyon Systems

We cover every aspect of a high-end, five-star home theater system, including electronic equipment, placement, design, construction and acoustics.

We strive to replicate the cinematic experience and achieve the ideal viewing and listening environment. Our custom home theater system features include:

Home Theater Installation from Elyon Systems: High-End Quality, Seamless Set Up

With the advent of larger and larger televisions and high definition and the rise in the cost of movie and sports tickets, Home Theater Installation has gotten ever more popular as a way to bring these experiences right into your living room.

Our Home Theater Installers have years of experience blending home theater systems into their surroundings for an incredible aesthetic result. We have the ability to hide speaker into the structure, and TVs behind mirrors and in furniture. We are careful and respectful of the structure of your home and make certain that its integrity is never compromised during the installation of a home theater system.

Interested in a home theater system from Elyon Systems? Give us a call at 888-886-4999 or visit our Contact page to find out how you can bring a jaw-dropping audio and visual experience right into your living room.